One of the "Jonah" set pieces is wheeled onto the stage for testing.A rigger works on some of mechanical parts used in the belly of the whale.A group gathers around "Jonah" set piece sketches in the scene shop.A wide variety of work is done on and around a dock set piece.Work begins on the construction of a shark.An electrician works on motors to extend and retract the dock.A scene painter works on a tree using sketches and a model.A props decor craftsperson works on padding for one of the boats.The planning of every show Sight & Sound puts on stage begins with the producing group.Artists and technicians at Sight & Sound are experimenting with different techniques as they create a colorful underwater scene.Many sea creatures will be gracing the Sight & Sound stage during "Jonah".Engineers at Sight & Sound work hard to create the innovative effects audiences see on stage.Artists meticulously assemble and paint models of every set piece before the full-size version is built.A model of a boat sits atop the full-size version.A scene shop artisan works on decor for the Joppa scenes.It can be difficult to appreciate the scale of Sight & Sound's set pieces until you look down from the top of one of them.A scene shop artisan works on decor on top of a set piece.Some of the costumes in "Jonah" are inspired by Spanish designs, because some of the scenes take place in what is now modern day Spain.Work is done on the dock that will be used in the Joppa scene.A set piece is sprayed with a hard coat.Boats at various stages of completion sit on the shop floor.Metal frames are underneath most of Sight & Sound's set pieces.The mammoth set pieces are gradually coming together.A seamstress is hard at work, creating some of the colorful costumes that will be used in the show.Coral is naturally colorful, so mimicking those colors with paint is a unique but exciting challenge.Even before small-scale models are created, set pieces are designed using computer-based painting techniques.An underwater scene wouldn't be complete without bubbles.Many colorful, unique costumes will be featured in "Jonah".Fish of many different shapes and sizes are being created for "Jonah".A scenic architect works on some of the technical aspects of the show's sets, ensuring that they will function properly.A model of Joppa nears completion as paint is added.Intricate patterns are cut to make the sets more authentic-looking.