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Beautiful decorations, an amazing cake and a few other special treats adorned the lobby during the Joseph Premiere Joseph flies over the audience during his second dreamJoseph's brothers conspire in DothanColorful creatures weave in and out of fabric waves during an Egyptian celebration of the Nile River Joseph and Jacob are reunitedEgypt fills the stage

Joseph and his brothers work on choreography for one of the first scenes of the show The new show takes dancing at Sight & Sound to a new levelThe lighting crew focuses Potiphar's Hall, though the set's not completed yetJoe Basinger focuses light on a prison rock and a stand-in Work has begun on lighting the dream in which Joseph fliesActors listen intently to the director's instructions during rehearsals

Training continues for a scene that will take place atop a hay moundA scene shop artisan carefully checks set colors with a swatch bookActors lend a hand sewing buttons during their downtime The cast undergoes vocal training at the capable hands of a stage managerSome of the youngest cast members wait for their turn on the stageA scene shop artisan adds color to an Egyptian boat

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